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Get Real: Mental Health in the Workplace

your attendees will gain:

A better understanding of mental health, and strategies to improve team culture and resilience

Knowledge of available resources to help, and practical ways to support their own mental health

Confidence in supporting other team members, friends and family members

Stress, depression, anxiety…..all are at higher rates than ever before. People in YOUR organization are struggling! Tara would love to teach YOUR team her three-step framework to transform your organization’s culture of mental health. She will create a customized program for your attendees that provides: a better understanding of mental health, practical ways to support their own mental health, and strategies to help others who may be struggling.

Thriving cultures that are compassionate, open and supportive of mental health experience: increased productivity, impact and effectiveness, lower burnout, and higher employee retention. Tara will also show your audience how they can best support a coworker, friend, neighbor, or a member of their own family, using her inspiring journey as a family member raising nieces with severe mental illness, and lessons learned about the needs of families and individuals struggling with mental health.

This program is ideal for association conferences, corporate annual meetings or leadership retreats, front-line employees, managers and executives.

What Attendees Are Saying:

“Eye opening and so relevant. We are facing a mental health crisis in this country at levels. We have never experienced before. This session was inspiring, encouraging and so impactful. Thank you thank you.”

“Such a wonderful presentation! This was a much needed topic with great tips to all of us in all our different roles. Tara spoke with such care and compassion! It was very hard for me to try to hold back tears at times as this topic hit home and my heart. She is such an inspiration!”

“Mental health from a real world perspective, instead of from an expert who has no real world experience. Much more relatable. “

“Needed. Informative. Real. Mental health conversations need the stigma removed and this session helped open the door.”

Get Real: Meaningful Self-Care
that Makes a Difference

your attendees will gain:

A better understanding of why self care is so important

A self-care plan that is customized, personalized, and doable, even in demanding environments

Practical strategies for managing stress, anxiety, and depression

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This interactive program is fun, provocative and will make you think! Tara shares her proprietary self-care framework, as well as practical strategies for managing stress, anxiety, and depression, and maximizing what we can all do to take care of ourselves in ways that really make a difference.

This program was born out of Tara’s frustration that too often, this topic is given lip-service, or treated as a frivolous luxury. Remember: neglecting well-being results in lower productivity and job satisfaction, and higher burnout.
In THIS world, ain’t nobody got time for that, because self-care is serious business. Self-care isn’t just bubble baths and Netflix.

This program is ideal for high-stress environments, groups of high-achieving, busy professionals, high personal touch fields, keynote or breakout sessions.

What Attendees Are Saying:

“Extremely helpful. I knew I was struggling, but I didn’t realize how much until I could check off every single symptom of someone struggling with their mental health. This will be very enlightening for those who aren’t quite fully aware of their struggles. “

“IMPORTANT! Interactive and full of great information; made me realize this is not “fluff”; I really need to take this
seriously. Tara is interesting, engaging, and empathetic. Definitely worth the time.”

“This session was so valuable and engaging and relatable. She was funny and her experiences were so relatable to me and my life and many others. “

“This session was so comforting, it definitely made me feel as if my issues are not experienced in isolation. Others have the same issues, and sharing with each other helps so much. It gave me some tools that I didn’t have already, and was honestly fun.”

Get Real: What Working Parents Need to Know about Mental Health

This keynote will:

Help parents recognize when their children may be struggling with their mental health

Inform and equip parents to impact the growing rates of adolescent mental health, anxiety, depression and suicide

Teach parents when to get help for kids mental health

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Perfect for an Employee Resources Group (ERG) or Special Interest Group (SIG), or any parent community, because parents who are worried about their kids’ mental health, who don’t feel supported at work or don’t know how to find the resources they need, will NOT be able to do their best work. Heck, they won’t even be able to do mediocre work.

Parents are eager to break open the conversation on parenting and mental health! The last several years have
had a devastating impact on adolescent mental health, compounding years of increasing anxiety, depression and suicide. Their children’s mental health is now the single greatest worry for working parents. In this powerful program, Tara shares both her personal story of parenting kids with mental illness, as well as evidence-based best practices for supporting our kids and their mental health.

This program is ideal for parent communities, employee resource groups, or special interest groups for working parents, women's groups or community organizations.

What Attendees Are Saying:

“An amazing speaker who balanced very challenging mental health topics with a lighthearted, entertaining and engaging approach.”

” It’s a big thing to talk about mental health and I wasn’t sure what to expect. Tara put us all at ease, and she did such a great job in using humor to ease into some pretty serious subjects. I learned so much and I do feel like I have a better idea of how to talk to my loved ones, my kids, and how to talk to my friends about mental, health issues, and how to help them in a better way.”

Get Real: Understanding the Mental Health Customer Journey

Team members will learn to understand:

The emotions facing families and individuals dealing with mental illness

The barriers customers face finding help & how to connect them with resources

Three steps to better marketing to family members, providing solutions
that help them where they are

Tara Rolstad is your go-to expert on the customer journey for mental health products and services, with a unique
combination of professional mental health training and advocacy, an MBA in marketing, and deep personal lived experience as a family member of those struggling with mental health. The reality for many people is that mental health treatment will be an ongoing journey, and family members are often the primary researcher, referrer and even purchaser of mental health care and mental health care products for their loved ones.

Excellent marketing and communication to families doesn’t just guarantee customer loyalty and exponentially higher referral rates—it’s also better care! When companies are able to successfully address the primary obstacles faced by family members, their potential for healing increases exponentially.

In this interactive program, we’ll discuss the most difficult pain points and best ideas for communicating with
family members, spouses, loved ones, parents, and caregivers.

This program is ideal for conferences or in-house team retreats or trainings, and any organization marketing a mental health product or service.

“Tara is great at engaging the audience with a call to action, which is critical for our mission. Her presentations are always a draw for our events, and I know going into an event that she’ll take care of all of the details I need. She’s a pleasure to work with!”



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