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We've Got This: Journal for Parenting Kids with Mental Health Struggles

When your child is struggling with their mental health, it’s hard. There are details, appointments, questions, uncertainty, unexpected emotions, and just…..So. Much. It’s exhausting.

Author Tara Rolstad has been down that road as a parent and as a foster parent, and she gets it.

It can be hard to keep track of it all. Let’s face it, on the tough days, it can feel impossible. Use this book to focus on your child and support them in the best way possible.

This book is part encouragement, inspiration, tracker, journal and strategy, one central place for it all, a place to support your child and honor your own journey.

You will learn:

Plus resources, tips and strategies for talking to teens, space to journal YOUR experiences and feelings, and more helpful suggestions for coping with this unplanned leg of your parenting journey. It’s all in here.

Author Tara Rolstad writes like your loving, slightly bossy friend (her actual friends would say really bossy) who’s been there and done that. Years of walking this road, working with her teens with mental health issues, and extensive training as an advocate put her in the right place to support families and communities struggling to support those who live with mental illness.

This book will encourage you, make you laugh, and help you hold it together. At least until later today when everyone’s in bed and you can get out the ice cream and have a good cry.

OMG That’s Me! 3

While reading OMG That’s Me! 3 you will say “OMG That Really is Me!” Meet six people whose lives were transformed by finding the comedy in their struggles with bipolar disorder, depression, Anxiety, PTSD, and Schizophrenia and then sharing their stories from the stage one joke at a time.

This poignant, funny and refreshing book lets us know we are not alone with our challenges, heartbreaks, and the ridiculous moments of life. Reading this book you will say, “Yes, that’s me”, and say it with a smile on your face. OMG That’s Me! 3 is a great change of pace in the OMG That’s Me! series that you will want to read and share. OMG That’s Me! 3 offers hope with humor and changes lives. Enjoy.

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