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What Parents Need to Know about Mental Health

It’s time to break open the conversation on parenting and mental health! The pandemic has had a devastating impact on adolescent mental health, compounding years of increasing anxiety, depression and suicide.

Expert speaker Tara Rolstad will equip parents in your community to better understand mental health: what parents should know, when to get help, and how to support their own kids and those around them when they are struggling.

As a parent and foster parent of kids with serious mental health struggles, Tara gets it. She understand that before parents and school professionals can work effectively together to help kids, parents need to understand more about mental health. Tara helps communities break open the conversation, and create a community culture in which people feel safe being real.

Program options Tara can create for your parents range from a simple, powerful presentation to full-day conferences that incorporate the stories and experiences of families in your community.

Tara’s program for your learning community:

  • Can be presented in person or virtually
  • Is flexible and can be adjusted to meet the specific needs of your school community
  • Will help address the increase in student social/emotional/mental health needs and ensure student and family well-being
  • Will contribute to a safer, more connected community that better supports students and families, especially vulnerable students and families struggling with mental health issues
  • Will cultivate a stronger, more authentic culture of talking about and getting help for mental health
  • Meets many of the goals of ESSER pandemic funding

Parents in YOUR community need this now. Download this flyer on Tara’s programs for parents, and contact her today.