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Get Real on Mental Health: Break Open the Conversation & Create a Thriving Culture

“Tara Rolstad speaks on topics not generally discussed in polite society. She breaks through the barriers put up by organizations that say, ‘Let’s just keep that to ourselves.’

Tara uses humor and personal stories to tell the story of so many families who live with a child who requires much more attention than a parent ever thinks possible. What makes a speaker great? Humor, self awareness and being a great story teller come to mind. Tara has all of these qualities and so much more. Her stories are humorously tragic, unexpectedly irreverent and downright shocking. She is not an everyday speaker hired to make the audience feel better. Tara makes the audience think and rallies the audience to go forth into the world and make a difference.

Tara Rolstad does what all great speakers must do. She speaks the truth even when it’s shocking, unsettling and not something many people are willing to say, out loud… in front of a crowd… and even in a spiritual community! She has the confidence and desire needed to change the world, one speech at a time.



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