Get Real on Mental Health: Break Open the Conversation & Create a Thriving Culture

When your organization knows how to effectively support mental health, you will achieve higher productivity, greater impact, lower burnout and higher retention.

Better understand mental health and the experiences of individuals and families who struggle with mental health

Implement practical strategies that effectively support mental health

Create more open, resilient and stronger cultures

Ways TARA can help you

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Understanding mental health at work, how to support team members who are struggling with mental health, & benefits of focusing on mental health within a team or company.

Why bother with self care, what happens if we ignore self care, what is meaningful self care, & how do I create my own self care plan?

Equip parents in your organization to better understand mental health, what parents should know about kids mental health, when to get help, how to support their own kids and those around them when they are struggling, and how to be their best at work while dealing with stresses at home.

What is the customer journey for mental health products or services? How can a company best reach those customers? What are the barriers in the customer buying experience, and what are the biggest mistakes a company makes in marketing a mental health product or service?

“Tara presented to my company’s senior leadership team at our annual offsite. Nearly two months later, my colleagues are still discussing both the content of her presentation as well as her ability to use candor and humor to illuminate a serious topic like mental health.”



Meet Tara Rolstad

Professional Speaker & Author

Tara Rolstad is a mental health expert, professional speaker, author, and trained advocate with more than 15 years of experience who helps organizations break open powerful conversations about mental health, wellness, and resilience. Her unique, skillful combination of expertise, authenticity, and humor helps audiences:

It is not about perfection, or about having the perfect answers. It’s about your PRESENCE.”

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Mental Health Toolkit

This ebook from mental health expert Tara Rolstad is packed with helpful tips and strategies:

“Tara is funny. Really funny. Her wit is tuned to catch in-the-moment serendipity and turn it into gold. If all she had to offer was her comedy, you would not want to miss her on stage. But when you hear Tara Rolstad, you’ll get so much more than that.
Tara is also a great storyteller, compassionate and knowledgeable. She’s a woman on a mission to make the world a better place. She shifts with ease from moving, to funny, and back to moving. She’s real, she’s humble, and just occasionally, she’s fiery. Audiences leave her performances laughing, even as they are moved to action.”



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